Dear Nerds and Music Lovers Alike --

I am annoyed with iTunes.  Most of my data and world exists in the cloud (Web).  I've organized myself this way so that I can access my stuff from any computer I'm on.  I know with MP3s and music copyright issues, etc. this gets a little more complicated - but I genuinely don't mind purchasing music the legit way, I just don't have a computer I can download iTunes onto and so can't purchase and then load music onto my iPod.  I have to jump through a couple of hoops to get iTunes on my work computer, but regardless, I end up buying all this music and then have no easy to transfer it.

So anyway - here's my question.  Has anyone worked out a system where they buy music, store it online, and then are able to sync their iPods from that online spot, not matter what computer they happen to be on?

Much love,

iPhone scorecard

Valleywag rounds up top reviews to-date (mossberg, pogue):

So far I trust Pogue the most -- and fancy screen and awesome browser aside, sounds like there is some serious latency issues due to the AT&T network.  As a Treo owner now, NOTHING drives me more nuts than waiting for a site to load.  Especially when you're trying to get shit done.  So I may wait on this.......